Next-Generation AI for our Longest Living Generation

Safest is an AI technology company that has set about solving the pending global perfect storm in the Aged Care, Disability Care and Hospital/Healthcare sectors of sudden reduction in staffing with massively increasing demand for care.

health app integrations

Integrate any sensor, smartwatch, personal alarm or MedTech device

Provide more care to more patients with the same staff and resources and work towards meeting the increasing demand for quality care.

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Multi-integration platform

Seamlessly integrate with a diverse range of MedTech devices, personal alarms, sensors, smartwatches, and health apps. Safest compatibility ensures comprehensive and real-time patient monitoring, fostering a holistic approach to healthcare.

Safest Healthcare Platform - Patients by Division
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User Portal and App

Enhance communication, coordination, and personalised care thanks to a user-friendly portal and app designed for both family members and in-person caregivers and nurses. Access real-time updates and collaborate seamlessly on the well-being of your loved ones.

Safest Healthcare Platform - Occupancy
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Clinical Management Dashboard

Analyse trends and receive intelligent care predictions, addressing potential concerns for patients. Tailored to meet governmental needs, this robust tool ensures precision in monitoring, allowing proactive and targeted interventions for optimised public health outcomes.

Safest Healthcare Platform - Visitor Insights

One platform to rule them all

The Safest platform offers comprehensive AI/ML technology with advanced data processing and predictive analytics capabilities, available for anyone, anywhere in the world

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Safest uses the de-identified data to create its own predictive and detective AI models

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Clinical integrations

Nursecall, Callbell, Reporting and Alerting suites allow translating data captured into insights actioned

Safest Healthcare Platform - Dashboard
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Privacy above all

Secure processing maintains the privacy and dignity of our users - HIPPA and GDPR-compliant

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Detect and prevent

Detect wellness issues, accidents, abnormal routines and behaviours early to prevent an illness or outbreak

Safest is redefining global personalised care

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